Dipl. eng. Georgi Mihailov Kolchakov


Atelier Serafimov Architects OOD



BLU offices is a project of the highest class, which combines office space for rent, hotel and conference center. The area is located on the east side of 11 "Brussels" boulevard at the beginning of the trestle to the airport. The complex has a total area of 48 627 m2 and is located near Sofia Airport on an undeveloped territory in one of the most rapidly developing in architectural and building construction aspects regions in Sofia. In close proximity are situated the buildings of "Porsche Center" and "Maserati Center."

With its location the complex may compared to a "door" to the capital city. BLU offices is distinguished by its excellent visibility both in the direction of Sofia Airport and the the visitors arriving and traveling to the central part of the capital.

The subject and purpose of the project was the creation of a modern, multi-functional in architectural planning and spatial aspects complex, aiming at the coexistence of different mutually complementary functional groups- underground parking, hotel and conference block, exhibition areas and two office units.

The building was created with a clear compositional scheme and system, balancing the activities diversity of the complex, accounting also for the urban-development parameters and the configuration of the site.


The architectural composition of the building shows the willingness of its creators to find a clear and firm structured spatial solution taking into consideration both the purpose of the buildings and their location. In volumetric- spatial aspect the complex is designed as two tall office units (15 floors) and a lower body (13 floors) – a hotel, the two- united at their base by a conference center (2 floors). The high volumes of the office group are drawn in the front of the plot, parallel to the boulevard, and thus offer a classic composition of a low volume, flanked by two high buildings.

The three buildings are designed as independent units with separate entrances, vertical communication systems and evacuation exits, allowing flexibility in their future operation, management and maintenance, and providing for any change of ownership.

The hotel is situated perpendicular to the office buildings, separating it from "Brussels „boulevard and the noise, which ensures tranquility for the visitors.

The planned - functional solution is adequate to the clear, simple and modern spatial composition. The entry into the complex is designed in the central axis between the two high office units.


Functional floor plan- on the ground floor of the office units are located showrooms and spacious lobbies for the offices that are fully glazed and parallel to “Brussels” boulevard. Their entrances are oriented towards the boulevard. The access is provided by a local lane within the plot with parking for visitors. Each showroom is equipped with a separate staircase to the second level of individual offices. Each office units’ floor, with an area of ​​715 m2, hosts spacious and bright offices and the top floor office has a large terrace with a magnificent view of the surrounding area.


The entrance to the hotel is also oriented towards the boulevard in a central axis between the two high office units. From the north, right behind the office units, has been provided a second - single entrance to the hotel complex. The ground floor hosts a spacious lobby with reception, partially designed on two floors with panoramic staircase leading to the conference building. Adjacent to the reception is a restaurant for 200 people with a kitchen area. The hotel has 400 beds in 200 luxury hotel rooms, also rooms for people with disabilities.


In the center of the composition, between the three higher bodies, lies a unifying reception and conference block of the complex.

The communication supply of the complex is via separate entrance and exit from “Brussels” blvd. local lane. This allows easy access to the main entrance.


The complex has 2 levels of underground parking, provided for the parking needs of the hotel and the office buildings.


Architectural plastic vision is in line with the basic idea of ​​the complex and the architectural and plastic development. Both office buildings are in designed with clean laconic volumes with a strong aspiration to create the impression of "building plates." Fine sculpture of detail and underlined vertical approach combined with the "mirror" surface of the facades seek lighter volumes and memorable architecture. The soft, elegant sculpture is enhanced by detailing of the individual structural elements - offices and communication centers.

The hotel unit is also designed appropriately to its purpose. Its plastic facade highlights the structural skeleton of the building.


The general architectural plastic composition and treatment of the volumes strictly observes the principles of unity and harmony, taking into account the specific nature and purpose of the single buildings.