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St. St. Konstantin and Elena

Aquahouse Thermal & Beach is a new and modern water facility in the Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort, offering year-round opportunities for balneology, SPA and Wellness tourism. The thermal complex combines all natural resources of the resort – sea, park environment and healing mineral water. The concept of the complex is consistent with the overall vision for the development of the resort – Mediterranean architecture with its specific atmosphere, combining relaxation with beach and relax balneology, SPA and Wellness, sports, rehabilitation and restoration areas. Karachi SLC is the investor of Aquahouse Thermal & Beach, which is a subsidiary of St. St. Constantine and Helena Holding AD. The implementation of the project started in the autumn of 2016 with the modernisation of the existing public thermal pool and its transformation into a modern balneological complex, which has been preserved as a publicly accessible place for all residents and guests of Varna.
The project is one of the key investments of St. St. Constantine and Helena Holding AD and is in line with the main priority goals of the company – to affirm the year-round status of the destination through the development of balneo and SPA tourism in the region. This goal corresponds to the long-term concepts for the development of the resort and its history. Through the realisation of this project St. St. Constantine and Helena Holding AD continues to follow the hundred-years-old traditions that the resort of the same name has had in the development of balneology, sea therapy and SPA tourism.
Aquahouse Thermal & Beach has 14 pools and water facilities grouped into areas of different functions. The water area offers indoor and outdoor mineral-water pools, a 25-meter swimming pool, a beach area, an outdoor sauna with a panoramic sea view and a contrasting pool. The kid's area features 4 indoor and outdoor mineral-water pools of mirror-like location, two of which are suitable for babies. There is also a children's room with an animator and fun games. The thermal area offers a hydromassage infrared sauna, a Finnish sauna, a steam bath, a hammam and a salt room. There are also an indoor and an outdoor pool in this area, as well as a high-temperature therapeutic mineral pool. The wellness area provides opportunities for people who are active in sports. There is a modern gym with unique sea views, a room for group activities – fly yoga, crossfit, pilates, etc. This section includes hairdressing and beauty salons, rooms for mud treatment, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy and classical and healing massages and therapies. All guests may enjoy delicious and healthy dishes as well as refreshing drinks at the restaurant and the fresh bar.
The leading architectural concept is a modern thermal complex that recreates the Mediterranean architecture with its distinctive atmosphere of peace and tranquility; the architecture is an unobtrusive element of the whole space harmoniously working with the elements of the landscape. The architecture has clear volumes and light sandy colours on the facades and roofs, which is like a natural connection between the sea and the greenery. The complex is situated on an area of 6000 sq. m, on which built mainly one-storey buildings have been built. The geothermal water, extracted through a geothermal spring within the property, is the basis for the functioning of the project. Geothermal water is used in the heating of the complex and the water areas. Low-temperature water floor heating is laid throughout the entire built-up area. It is of prime importance for the success of such an organization to have a The good functional and infrastructural organisation, quality and efficient building installations, especially the heating, the air conditioning and ventilation are of primary importance for the success of such facilities. All materials used are moist- and wear-resistant, given the aggressive environment in which they are placed and the large number of visitors that use them on daily basis.
Because of the irregular shape of the plot, spaces precisely designed so that each has a specific atmosphere were created in the complex. The succession of halls creates a sense of entering another theme; however, all themes are united around water and light. Folding shop windows connect the inside and outside spaces. Practically, when all windows are opened, the barrier between the interior and the exterior disappears and the space becomes one.
The search for a clean and simple architecture line is leading in the selection of materials to recreate the natural cozy feeling, whiteness and resilience. The light roof is tiled with ABC Klinker tiles, Reynaers CF77 folding windows/doors, Marazzi 2 cm decking on the entire exterior of the complex. In the interior, there are emperador and travertine mosaics, HPL panels, including curved elements on the columns. Corian materials with extremely complex 3D shape were used for the reception desk, as well as for the benches in the dressing rooms and the whole hammam.